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2011 The Jaguar XF Black Pack Luxury Sedan

There are different engine choices available, all with varying degrees of power. The XF Premium trim comes equipped with a 8 cylinder 5.0 Ltr with 385 horsepower. The XF Supercharged engine has the same specs but puts out 470 horsepower. The ultimate Supercharged XFR puts out a total of 510 horsepower and 461 lb feet of torque. This car handles extremely well on the open road and is quite agile, while acceleration is immensely powerful due to the substantial amount of power. The base model receives approximately 16 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the freeway.
2011 Jaguar XF Black Pack Luxury Sedan2011 Jaguar XF Black Pack Luxury Sedan
Speaking of room, the Jaguar XF has just enough of it. In fact, a six-foot person sitting in the back will actually have a lot of head room left between his or head and the ceiling. Foot room is quite spacious but the 500-liter trunk space is a lot more generous and the back seats also fold for additional space.
2011 Jaguar XF Black Pack Side View2011 The Jaguar XF Black Pack Luxury Sedan

2011 The Jaguar XF Car Lease Specials

The British brand Jaguar is synonymous with luxury and refined style but it has been primarily been popular with more established and older consumers due to its classic and subdued styling. Jaguar boldly moves into the next millennium with a contemporary and ultra modern vehicle; the sporty 2010 Jaguar XF. This auto first burst into the automotive scene in 2010 so it's definitely a newcomer to the luxury market. Its appearance is daring, modern and entirely different from any Jaguar produced in the past. This car has a sporty bold look; it's aggressive and modern looking with lines that are usually found on a sports coupe. The vehicle's stunning body is perfectly accentuated by beautiful eighteen inch wheels and an automatic sunroof allowing you to enjoy the warm breeze as you cruise down the street in glamorous style.

2011 Jaguar XF Black Pack Front Angle View2011 Jaguar XF Black Pack Front Angle View
Expect the Jaguar XF to "hit the shelves" on March 1 2008. It will come in two whopping 4.2 liter V8 models, one with a supercharger and one without. There will also be a 3.0 liter V6 for the slightly less adventurous and a 2.7 liter V6 turbo diesel for the gas-consumption conscious. This is the definitely the cat to beat as soon as it hits the market and at over $60,000, this price range is only rivaled by Germany's BMW 550i M Sport. It all depends in what class you choose to belong to when it comes to shopping for the top car leasing specials.
2011 Jaguar XF Black Pack
2011 The Jaguar XF Car Lease Specials

2012 The Bentley Continental GT Sedan Sport Cars

The Bentley Continental GT's 6-litre engine is designed in four banks of three cylinders producing a W formation of its 12 cylinders. Its twin turbochargers create an astonishing power output of 552HP potentially producing a top speed of 198mph and a 0-60mph time of 4.6 seconds.With its high efficiency catalyst and exhaust system, there are much lower emissions. The GT's wider central air intake gives a much improved airflow which aids engine cooling.
2012 Bentley Continental GT Seats2012 Bentley Continental GT Seats
The bargain Bentley, or at least that's what the Bentley GT used to be called. When it debuted on the market in 2003 it had a retail sticker of $156,000. These days $156,000 might get you a used, 3 year old Bentley GT. Isn't that a shame? But let's put price aside a have a look at this luxury behemoth.
2012 Bentley Continental GT Luxury Cars2012 The Bentley Continental GT Sedan Sport Cars

2012 The Bentley Continental GT is equipped

The Bentley Continental GT is equipped with a twin turbocharged W12 engine which measures about 5,998 cubic centimeters (366.0 cu in) (6.0 liter), producing motive power that is DIN rated with an output of about 560 metric horsepower (412 kW; 552 bhp) at about 6,100 rpm and torque of 650 Newton meters that is (479 ft-lbf) at 1,600-6,100 rpm. The car has an acceleration power of 0 to 100 kilometers per hour (0 to 62.1 mph) in about 4.8 seconds and has the ability to reach at a level of speed that is equal to 318 kilometers per hour (197.6 mph). It's truly a giant machine that can be possessed once in a lifetime.
2012 Bentley Continental GT Images2012 Bentley Continental GT Images
Its multi-zone climate control, advanced key-less entry and ignition technology, electronically adjustable front seats with heating and memory, along with the multi-function steering wheel give an outstanding level of comfort and control to the driver and passengers.
2012 Bentley Continental GT Side View2012 The Bentley Continental GT is equipped

2011 Toyota Corolla the best of the compact sedans sold in North America

The Corolla is among the best of the compact sedans sold in North America - reliable and economical yet comfortable and refined. The 2010 Corolla comes in five separate trim levels: Standard, LE, XLE, S, & XRS. The main powerplant is a 132 horsepower, 1.8 liter dual VVT-I engine, paired with a five speed manual or four speed automatic transmission. An added engine, available only in XRS models, is a 158 horsepower, 2.4 liter VVT-I engine with a five speed manual gearbox or new five-speed automatic. All Corolla models come standard with front, side-impact & side-curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes with brake assist, & whiplash protecting front seat active head restraints to keep occupants safe.
2011 Toyota Corolla Front Seats2011 Toyota Corolla Front Seats
Advanced safety mechanisms are in place in order to ensure the safety of all passengers. There is an airbag system in place with front and rear side curtain airbags and front head restraints. A four wheel anti-lock brake system is in place with electronic brake force distribution. Additional features include vehicle stability control and traction control.
2011 Toyota Corolla First Look2011 Toyota Corolla the best of the compact sedans sold in North America

2011 The New Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is a terrific vehicle, but like any automobile, it can run into serious problems. Just one major problem with your Corolla may cost you thousands of dollars to repair if Toyota's manufacturer's warranty is not there to protect you. If you drive a Toyota Corolla, you should seriously consider getting a Toyota Extended Warranty to cover your vehicle.

2011 Toyota Corolla Front View2011 Toyota Corolla Front View
What stands out foremost about the Corolla is its price, which is accessible to most individuals plus the solid dependability factor. Buying a vehicle that needs to be repaired frequently isn't acceptable to most consumers and buyers want to get the most value out of their hard earned dollar. If you want a practical vehicle that you can depend on then the Corolla would be perfect. Priced at around fifteen thousand dollars for the base model, the 2010 Corolla is a car that offers a lot at a low price.
2011 Toyota Corolla Headlights
2011 The New Toyota Corolla

2012 Saab 9-4X Sporty CarsSaab is on the eve of getting several new vehicles including the 2012 Saab 9-4X

Saab's fortunes began to decline when GM began to pour more money into Hummer and several overseas operations while neglecting the Saab product line. Adding insult to injury, GM developed an SUV model for Saab, the 9-7X, a vehicle based on the unpopular platform of GM's mid-range SUVs. That move further sullied Saab's image, resulting in sales declining sharply and damaging the brand.
2012 Saab 9-4X at 2010 LA Auto Show2012 Saab 9-4X at 2010 LA Auto Show

2012 Saab 9-4X Rear Side View2012 Saab 9-4X Rear Side View
Today, Saab is on the eve of getting several new vehicles including the 9-4X crossover to replace the forgettable 9-7X and will soon see its flagship 9-5 line overhauled. The 9-4X will be built by GM who will continue to supply parts, engines and transmissions for the foreseeable future as many Saab models share components with other GM vehicles. Indeed, the Saab 9-4X is based on the same platform powering the all new 2010 Cadillac SRX.
2012 Saab 9-4X Sporty CarsSaab is on the eve of getting several new vehicles including the 2012 Saab 9-4X

Suzuki-Solio Launches New 2011
From this Sunday, I am starting a series of weekly specials. These will be insider news about future company model programs, happenings, stuff that you will not have read in any of the enthusiast magazines and stuff that when they publish is accompanied by 'SCOOP' in caps and bold. As none of the media outlets have any use for my rantings, as accurate as they may be, I will use my blog as an outlet.

Suzuki-Solio Launches New 2011

Interior and Exterior: 2011 Mini Cooper Clubman is armored

The main difference between the 2010 and 2009 Clubman is how the engine gets oxygen. The 2009 model has variable valve timing, or VVT engine and not turbocharged. The engine is still an I4 with 1.6 liters and a fully electric throttle. The VVT engine, however means that the oxygen is less compressed before it reaches the combustion chamber. This cuts down on this small car's "vroom" factor and lowers the reported gas mileage for city driving. The 2009 is rated to get 25 miles per gallon in the city.
Interior and Exterior:

One of the main advantages of Cooper Clubman over regular Mini is its rear seat legroom. Cooper Clubman's rear seat access doors are much easier to reach due to its position. Interior of this sedan is particularly larger for average adults. Luggage compartment of this car is quiet good and 50 percent larger than regular Mini car. However luggage space can be increased by folding rear seat. Like regular Mini car even Cooper Clubman is offered with retro inspired controls and oddly placed stereo control knobs have been rectified which presents attractive looks and easier operation. Some of the convenience features offered with this model are front console with storage compartment, rear and front cup holders. Manual rear seat easy entry, front seat back storage, electric speed proportion power steering and remote trunk release. Interior options available with 2011 Mini Cooper Clubman are cargo net, MINI connected navigation system, color rooster red interior trim, carbon black interior shade, Gravity leather, Punch leather, Lounge Leather and central arm rest.

Interior and Exterior: 2011 Mini Cooper Clubman is armored

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Happy Holiday Greeting

I just wanna say, Happy Holidays for all reader and visitor. I hope God always blesses us. Amien. Merry Christmas.

Sneak Peek: 2012 Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai is excited — and Honda might be scared — about the Veloster’s Detroit Auto Show reveal. There’s a countdown timer on Hyundai’s Web site (we’re currently 19 days away from a reveal) and a teaser video you can view below.

We know the Veloster will have a direct-injection engine, possibly some form of the 2011 Elantra‘s new Nu 1.8-liter four-cylinder. In that compact sedan, output is 148 horsepower. The sporty Veloster will get a dual-clutch gearbox and, in the teaser video, Hyundai maintains the 40-mpg claim. If the Veloster is rated 40 mpg on the highway, it would surpass the fuel economy of the Honda CR-Z with the CVT and six-speed manual. However, it’s not clear whether combined mileage would come close to the CR-Z’s 37 and 34 mpg with the CVT and manual, respectively.

The Veloster will also have Blue Link Connectivity, undoubtedly a competitor to Ford’s SYNC system. With the rumored non-hybrid Honda CR-Z turbo possibly on the way, it looks like muscle cars aren’t the only sporty automotive segment to be receiving more interest lately from automakers.

Thanks to: Motor Trend

2011 Toyota Tundra Really The Strong Cars

Outfit your new Tundra with aftermarket chrome trim accessories to complement factory trims. Adding chrome trims are a simple way to add elegance and contemporary styling to your truck without creating a hole in your wallet. Inexpensive chrome trim accessories for the Toyota Tundra includes door handle covers, door window sills, pillar post trims, mirror cover overlays, tailgate handle covers, tail light bezel, chrome grilles, chrome step bars and chrome grille/brush guards. If you really like to bling out your pickup truck, there are even optional chrome accessories to consider; chrome hood protector and chrome window visors. A word of caution here; choose the right chrome trims to complement your ride. Too much chrome might be blinding.
2011 Toyota Tundra Images2011 Toyota Tundra Images
If you are on an extremely tight budget, which many individuals are at the moment because of the heavy recession that has hit the globe, then second hand or reconditioned accessories could be the perfect answer for you. There are a plethora of high street stores and also websites that actually specialize in selling purely Toyota accessories. Many of these retailers are registered with Toyota to sell their products that have either been reconditioned or are simple just slightly damaged second hand accessories. Either way the prices of these items are extremely low and affordable by almost anyone. This means you can obtain fantastic additions to your truck such as grills, wing mirror cover and alloy wheels at heavily discounted rates.
2011 Toyota Tundra Car Interior2011 Toyota Tundra Really The Strong Cars

2011 Toyota Tundra is The most Favorite Cars

Transform the front end of your Toyota Tundra pickup truck with custom aftermarket grilles. A customized grille for the front end helps to enhance and differentiate your Tundra without distracting factory looks. Popular custom grilles for sale includes billet grilles, punch grills and wire mesh grilles. These custom grilles are further enhanced by different manufacturing companies to add elegance and luxury to the vehicle front end
2011 Toyota Tundra Front Seats2011 Toyota Tundra Front Seats
If you have a little more expendable income in your account then you should be able to stretch to some brand new accessories. This is obviously a better route if the money permits as you should receive a guarantee or warranty with the new products. You have a few options open to you even with the new Toyota Tundra accessories. One can approach the Toyota dealerships directly as they will always have a good stock of pretty much every product. This will be the most expensive route for you though.
2011 Toyota Tundra Side View2011 Toyota Tundra is The most Favorite Cars

2011-2012 Audi RS 3

This special feature was available because of two additional radiators and a new Engine Control Unit. It had a starting pick-up speed of reaching 100 km/hr in just 4.6 seconds and 200 km/hr in 17.36 seconds with a top speed of 280 km/hr. during 2002-2004, RS6 was used in various car racings including the famous North American Speed World Challenge GT series of auto racing.
2012 Audi RS 3 Sportback Front Top View2012 Audi RS 3 Sportback Front Top View

Audi A8 Facts

  • The top of the range Audi A8 SE 4.2 FSI Quattro has a (limited) top speed of 155 mph and accelerates from 0-62 mph in 6.1 seconds, whilst the A8 SE 4.2 TDI Quattro - a diesel - has the same top speed but gets from 0-62 mph in just 5.9 seconds!
  • Adaptive air suspension is available as an option in the A8. It is the first Audi sports suspension system to be based on the principle of air suspension which allows the driver to change the suspension as individually preferred. Both the damping characteristics and ride height can be adjusted in a single process via the MMI "CAR" menu system.
2012 Audi RS 3 Sportback Rear side View2011-2012 Audi RS 3

2012 Audi RS 3 is Coming

A special control unit (the Bosch Motronic ME Engine Control unit) was used that could control various functions of engine operation. During the year 2004, a much better and facilitated car with the label Audi RS 6 Plus was introduced that had an increased power transmission up to 473 bhp at a speed of 6,400 rpm.
2012 Audi RS 3 Sportback Pictures2012 Audi RS 3 Sportback Pictures
The current generation of A8s is available in a range of powerful diesel and petrol engine options including 2.8 V6, 3.2 V6, 4.2 V8, 3.0 TDI V6 and 4.2 litre TDI V8 with standard or long-wheelbase versions. The diesel versions all include semi-automatic Tiptronic gearboxes whilst Multitronic semi-automatic options are available for petrol engines. The 4.2 litre diesel V8 is the most powerful diesel engine Audi has ever produced in a car. It uses two turbochargers and two intercoolers, with each turbo functioning exclusively for one bank of four cylinders.
2012 Audi RS 3 Sportback Rear Angle View2012 Audi RS 3 is Coming

All New 2011 Buick GL8 Finally Coming

The Invicta is a four door sedan with a roofline similar to a coupe. Powered by a 2.0L I4, this midsize model is likely to represent the direction where GM will be going over the coming years - a smaller, much more fuel efficient model featuring a direct injection turbocharged engine paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. Whereas a V6 would have been used previously, Buick will rely on the I4 for improved fuel economy while still providing very good power (250 hp, 220 lb-ft of torque).
2011 Buick GL8 Rear View2011 Buick GL8 Rear View
All BR models have that touch of being a luxury sports car which makes its extremely popular among many sports car lovers and enthusiast. All sorts of BR car parts are available in the market, but you must make sure that you buy the best quality auto part for your car. Buick auto parts contain engines, hoods, transmissions, chassis, Buick Regal doors, windows, suspensions, instrument panels, bumpers, and light assemblies. Other auto parts such as air conditioner condensers, wheels, rims, steering wheels etc are also easily available both in the real market and on various online stores. In order to ensure that Buick customers do not face any trouble in any way, the Buick Regal manufacturers also made available other auto parts which include catalytic converters, exhausts, mufflers, engine wiring, door handles, brake discs, brush guards, clutch, air intakes, and coil springs etc.
2011 Buick GL8 Luxury MinivanAll New 2011 Buick GL8 Finally Coming

2011 Buick GL8

Buick began to produce cars in China in 1998 and quickly became the largest volume brand for GM by the following year. In 2007, more than 332,000 Buick products were sold, an increase of 9.2% over the previous year. Buick sells the Park Avenue, LaCrosse, Regal, Excelle, and GL8 in China, but several concepts have recently been shown including the pictured Invicta (Latin for invincible).
2011 Buick GL8 Side View2011 Buick GL8 Side View
Buick Regal is famous for its safety features and security options on the account of being a mid-sized car. The auto parts of BR are easily available in the market and online stores as well. However, it is highly recommended to buy high quality genuine auto parts for your BR so as to make sure that you don't compromise on its performance in the long run.
2011 Buick GL8 Car Interior2011 Buick GL8

New Car: 2011 Aston Martin DB9 Special Editions

The end of 2010 is almost upon us, but that hasn’t stopped Aston Martin managing to squeeze in not one but three new special edition DB9s which have just gone on sale from Aston dealers.

The three editions are called the Morning Frost, Carbon Black and Quantum Silver, are available as either coupe or Volante convertible bodystyles and cost from £132,525 including VAT at the new 20 per cent rate.

The DB9 Morning Frost is intended to be a more luxurious offering, as it features pearlescent white paint, 19-inch 10-spoke alloys and silver brake calipers on the outside, while the interior gets metallic bronze leather on the seats and headlining, and piano black trim.

Both the Carbon Black and Quantum Silver editions feature either black or silver paint, different 19-inch alloys and a sports exhaust, plus more piano black trim, a semi-aniline leather roof lining and polished glass switchgear.

All cars are powered by the familiar 470bhp 6.0-litre V12 and six-speed automatic gearbox, and all get a laser etched sill plaque depicting the Aston Martin logo along with “Morning Frost”, “Carbon Black” or “Quantum Silver.”

The three new specials join a host of other limited Astons which have broken cover in 2010. This year has seen the debut of the V12 Vantage Carbon Black, DBS Carbon Black, DBS UB2010 – a limited run of 40 cars in tribute to the firm’s boss Ulrich Bez – and the V8 Vantage N420, inspired by the legendary Nurburgring where Aston’s R&D centre is located. For more details click here.
Thanks to: Auto Express

New Car: 2012 Toyota Vitz/Yaris

Meet the next Toyota Yaris! These are the first official pictures of the next generation Toyota supermini which will arrive in the UK in September 2011. The pictures show the Japanese market car, which is called the Vitz, but the Yaris will look much the same when it arrives here.

Toyota claims that the newcomer was designed under the words agility and sophistication. As a result, the new supermini features a more angular design than its predecessor, with a more sculpted bumper and pointy headlights adding extra attitude. The Yaris has also been designed to be more efficient, and boasts a competitive coefficient drag value of 0.285.

The new car is 100mm longer than the current car, with the extra 50mm in its wheelbase designed to improve cabin space, particularly in the rear. It’s also a useful 30kg lighter than the outgoing model, thanks to a host of minor weight-saving tweaks like only having one windscreen wiper, and tips the scales at a nice, round 1,000kg.

On the inside, Toyota claims to have improved comfort and refinement thanks to improved seats and better noise insulation. The centrally-mounted speedo has also been ditched in favour of a more conventional dash layout.

The engine range includes two petrol motors: a 68bhp 1.0-litre and a 1.33-litre with 93bhp. The larger engine gets stop start, helping fuel economy climb to 74.9mpg . The Japanese models get a CVT gearbox and even the option of four-wheel drive. However, in the UK the Yaris will be fitted with a manual as standard, and just front-wheel drive will be available.

There is a larger, 1.5-litre engine available which could make it to the UK at a later date, joining the diesel and hybrid models which should arrive here in 2012. For more details click here.
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First Sketch: Kia KV7 Concept

Kia decided to play Santa early and gifted us with a teaser of its KV7 Concept, which is scheduled to debut next month at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

As you can see from the rendering, the KV7 Concept is a crossover whose lines resemble an extended Kia Soul or, if you squint a little, the Ford Flex (though albeit smaller). The KV7’s most funky feature, though, are those secondary passenger doors, which swing up straight up and out – gullwing style. Look out SLS AMG! Inside, the second row bucket seats can swivel to face each other and the rear of the vehicle. Wonder if there will be table inside?

Otherwise, rims match the rest of the Kia family, and it looks like the KV7 will get the Kia corporate face, with the right front headlamp which looking like an evolution from the Kia Kue Kue Concept which debuted back in at the 2007 Detroit Show.

Thanks to: Motor Trend

Sneak Peek: 2012 Toyota Prius MPV

Are you into skateboards and/or skateboarding? And the Toyota Prius? Well, we have just the video for you because this YouTube find shows all manner of grinds, aerials, and flips, plus an actual peek at the upcoming Prius MPV.

Deep into video, which includes pro skateboarder Bob Burnquist, we see the Brazilian-American padding up for another run in the rear cargo hold of the Prius MPV. Though we only see it in the open position, the MPV’s hatch lid is definitely affixed at a higher roof point compared to the standard Prius, and that’ll help accommodate extra interior volume. How much exactly? We’ll have to wait till next year to find out at the Detroit Auto Show.

From the billboard teaser we found earlier, we can already see the Prius MPV roofline rides at a greater height. And looking from the outside in, we also catch a glimpse of the rear quarter panel glass, which is definitely larger and a dead giveaway for the MPV’s greater dimensions.

Thanks to: Motor Trend

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The price of the Lamborghni Sesto Elemento future supercar is set at S$3 million

Lotus Esprit - Lotus were definitely aiming to steal the limelight this year and with no less than five high performance cars on show, they certainly made a huge impression. Equipped with a 5.0-litre V8 engine providing 620bhp, the Esprit manages 0-63mph in just 3.4 seconds. And a top speed of 205mph.

The price of the Lamborghni Sesto Elemento future supercar is set at €2,261,900 including 19% VAT (tax), or just shy of US$3 million. Any explanation(s) are welcome.

The price of the Lamborghni Sesto Elemento future supercar is set at S$3 million

2012 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concepts

If you were unfortunate enough to miss this year's event, here's a little look at some of the cars that made the headlines.Jaguar C-X75 - definitely one of the show stoppers at this year's event. The Jaguar C-X75 is driven by four in-wheel electric motors as well as twin jet turbines. A futuristic car, the C-X75 provides 780bhp, 1,180lbft of torque, and with a 560-mile range of which 68 miles are possible on battery power alone, this Jag is certainly a spectacular piece of machinery.

That said, we find it hard to explain the sale of the car by German luxury and supercar dealer, Auto Salon Singen, on In the description, the alleged seller claims that Lamborghini will build 10 examples of the Sesto Elemento, but they won't be street legal

2012 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concepts

A New Look On 2012 the Mercedes-Benz SLS

On the flip side, a feature which is easily obvious is the first-rate price tag. The original Mini was marketed to customers on a budget, while the Beetle and the Fiat 500 were made as cars for postwar people. Their revived versions are nowhere near cheap. They're mostly for fashion.
The gearbox is a dual clutched affair which works notably well. There's a slight delay whenever you flick the paddles yet in general it feels very responsive and sharp. The car is quite definitely rear wheel drive. The seating position is very back and harks back to old school, honest GT's and blended with the sharp steering you've whole faith in exactly where the front of the vehicle is gonna go. This super car can easily go round edges very, very quick - in case you try hard enough you could actually compete with a four-wheel drive 911 Turbo. It's also really quick in a straight line - indeed outstanding for a heavy, front engined Grand Tourer.
A New Look On 2012 the Mercedes-Benz SLS

New Car: 2012 Mercedes C-Class

As the cheapest and humblest car in Mercedes’ U.S. showrooms, where it lives next to larger, more-powerful, more-luxurious, and more-prestigious vehicles, the C-class has had a tough time establishing itself as a full-cachet, no-apologies Mercedes-Benz. But a window of opportunity seems to be opening for the C-class come the 2012 model year, with its mid-cycle update arriving just as world events and economic challenges have precipitated a shift among luxury buyers toward “right-sized” vehicles containing full-size luxury amenities.

It will certainly try to impress. The restyled 2012 C-class will greet customers with a more upscale face highlighted by a sculpted front fascia and new, CLS-style headlamps that blend into the fenders. Distinct Sport and Luxury trims continue for 2012, with the Sport model being differentiated by its grille and thin chrome spears in the outboard air intakes, which also house the LED running lights that are now standard on all C-class models. The brightwork continues along the doors and around the new rear bumper. The taillamps are also new for 2012, with more distinct detailing and still more LEDs.

The biggest news is a more powerful naturally aspirated engine in the top-shelf C350 Sport, plus the addition of a new base model, the C250, with a turbocharged four-cylinder under its hood. The C350 Sport’s V-6 is a new, direct-injection 3.5-liter, and its output is raised from the outgoing C350’s 268 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque to a healthy 302 hp and 273 lb-ft. The mid-grade C300 retains its 3.0-liter V-6 with 228 hp and 221 lb-ft of torque, but now is offered only with 4MATIC all-wheel drive (and will be the only C-class available thus equipped). At the low end of the range is that new C250, powered by a direct-injected, turbocharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder that produces 201 hp and 229 lb-ft of torque. The C250 is slated to deliver among the highest fuel-economy of any Mercedes-Benz offered on these shores: an estimated 24 mpg combined. (For the record, the larger E350 BlueTec diesel is EPA-rated for 26 combined.) As for acceleration, Mercedes says the C250 should hit 60 mph in 7.1 seconds, a figure it also cites for the C300 4MATIC. The top-dog C350 is said to make the 0-to-60-mph sprint in 5.9.

Each of the three engines comes mated exclusively to a seven-speed automatic transmission, which means that you’ll no longer be able find a manual in the C-class when the 2012 model arrives next summer. (As if you could realistically find one in circulation before!) That means the current SLK300 will be the only U.S. Merc with a row-your-own option. As usual, auto-only also will apply to the 2012 C63 AMG, which also will be refreshed and goes on sale next summer or fall. It will retain the current 6.2-liter V-8, rather than moving to the twin-turbocharged 5.5-liter V-8 like other AMGs.

Thanks to: Car and Driver

the Lamborghini Gallardo Victory performance

The official Porsche cars importer for India was established as Precision Cars India Private Limited in 2007.The promoters have a vision of offering the highest quality products coupled with after sales service to provide customers an unparallel buying experience.

One such line of collectibles that bring joy to auto aficionados everywhere are their line of diecast cars. These exquisitely detailed models are collectible pieces of automobile history, representing all of the classic manufacturers and their iconic vehicles. So while most car lovers won't have the chance to own their own classic Corvette or Mustang, the Franklin mint has a diecast model with all of their details intact. Sure, you won't be able to take it around the block for a spin, but it's the next best thing to owning the real thing.
the Lamborghini Gallardo Victory performance

All New The 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo-Victory

Porsche Automobil Holding SE, known as Porsche SE, a European Public Company, is a German automotive manufacturer of luxury high performance automobiles, which is majority-owned by the Piëch and Porsche families. It is headquartered in Zuffenhausen, a district of Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg.

For more than four decades, the Franklin mint has created treasured collectibles and works of fine art that have touched the lives of people throughout the world. From dolls and games to die cast models, the Mint's gifted artisans craft keepsakes that can be passed down through the generations.

All New The 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo-Victory