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New Opel Vauxhall Ampera:show with models

the Opel Ampera is nothing more than a Chevrolet Volt with some extremely mild cosmetic changes, but doppelgangers have always had a very special place in the wonderful world of General Motors. If Bloomberg’s inside sources are right, GM is currently looking into the development of a Buick-badged version of the plug-in hybrid Opel Ampera. According to people familiar with the project, the Buick model could go on sale in 2013, if the plans goes ahead.

the Opel Ampera in Europe around

A key aspect to General Motor's survival is what is now being called its Voltec platform - cars which are built on the same platform underpinning the Chevrolet Volt, an electric car scheduled to be introduced before the end of 2010. Besides the Chevrolet Volt, GM has been showcasing the Cadillac Converj concept, a luxury coupe version of the Volt as well as the Opel Ampera, a European counterpart to the Volt. Together, these three cars will play a prime role in distinguishing the direction General Motors will be going for the next decade or longer.

Each of the three models will be "powered" by an electric lithium-ion battery, a rechargeable powerplant with an all-electric range of forty miles. Beyond that, a small gas engine will kick in and, in the case of the Chevrolet Volt, that engine will be the same 1.4L I4 motor as the one that will move the upcoming Chevrolet Cruze, a gasoline model. GM hasn't said which engines will be in the Ampera or the Converj, but the 1.4L may provide just enough power to move those two models as well.
OK - so you heard all the up sides to plug-in hybrids but what are the downsides (apart from mainly not being available yet)? Well here are some that I see:

* They have a lot of unproven technology as they have never really been tried in mass production yet so it could take a while to iron out the kinks.
* Some people could have a problem trying to find a place to charge them - which could mean they take the "lazy" option of mostly using the engine all the time.
* Obviously another one is the price! - at the moment they look a lot more expensive than even the usual hybrids which are already more expensive than a regular car. The Prius had a problem with price for a long time.
* And finally Are they too little, too late - to save the environment, because that's what they're all about aren't they?

So in summary: It looks like out of all the options for Electric Cars for me - the Plug-in Hybrid seems like the best one - especially compared with the All-Electric Cars around at the moment. But we'll also have to wait a year or two first. Right now though I have to get my hands on some of those electric scooters and electric bicycles around at the moment!

All New Audi A4 1.8 TFSI (Five-Millionth Audi A4)

Did you know that it basically took Audi 126.5 million years to finally agree with everyone alive that having a tall 4,6 or 8 cylinder engine set up high and way in front of the front axle does not do wonders to the handling of their front wheel drive sedans? Having driven the current A6, the previous generation A4 (B7 series) as well as the earlier ones too, I have to say that massive understeer is the preferred way for these front wheel drive Audis to corner.

On the B7 A4 I remember driving it hard and it felt so nose heavy that even with a pointy nose it felt as if the steering was the one end of the stick and the other end was the large elephant hanging off of it. That A4 was a pretty good car and in 2.0TFSI form was a fast ride but the high speed handling on a twisty road was really bad. I would assume this trait would be lessened in the Quattro or All wheel drive version of the cars, but in the front wheel drive A4, it basically was awful.

Now this brings us to the current B8 Audi A4 1.8 TFSI launched around two years ago. The car I tried is owned by a friend of mine and it is a car that is very familiar to me. His ride pictured above is the 1.8TFSI 160bhp spec that comes with the larger 18inch tires and rims. It looks so much better than the stock 17inch rims that the standard car is specced with.

I suppose it was because of nearly universal criticism of mega understeer that Audi had finally decided to re-engineer the engine and gearbox placement of the A4. The wheels are now at least 8cm forward compared to the earlier setup and this equates to better handling as well steering feel. The car does not drive like you were sitting just slightly behind an arrow's head in flight. You actually have a car in which does not fight the laws of physics all the time unlike the earlier versions.

This time it feels like you're driving a front wheel drive car with a normal transverse engine instead of a longitudinally placed one (even though it is still longitudinally placed). Imagine driving a slightly larger Honda Civic (in terms of nippiness). This is the first 4 door front wheel drive Audi ever that behaves decently well.

There is very little sign of it being nose heavy like its predecessors. It is a car which you can fling into corners, of course there's none of the tail out antics being a front wheel drive and it will only show mild understeer at speeds in excess of 150km/h on high speed sweeping corners. On tighter corners, it is poised and predictable, with the A4 managing to turn accurately and without much of the artificial steering sensation of the previous variable assist steering wheel. It still lacks feel, but it is better than the previous A4.
Audi's convention of internal numbering go behind a logical series from the 80 to the A4 with the first release selected as the B5-series, followed by the B6, B7, and the present B8. In an auto show in Frankfurt, B8 series of the Audi A4 was launched in 2007 and the Geneva auto show in 2008. At present, B8 engines include both petrol and diesel engines. The petrol engines offer 1.8 liter, 2.0 liter and 3.2 liter as well as 2.0 liter, 2.7 liter and 3.0 liter diesel engines. If you buy second hand Audi A4, check out different classified websites online.

2010 the AUDI A4 was warmly received by critics and customers alike

First entering production in 1994, the A4 was warmly received by critics and customers alike. Since then it has had two major re-developments over the last 16 years, first in 2005 with that generation running through to 2008 and then, secondly, the latest generation of the car which is the Audi A4's best incarnation so far.

Critics have always been impressed with Top Gear explaining that "Audi has produced a 3 Series rival that...offers truly fantastic ride quality" and is part of the "new generation of Audis...that have learned how to ride".

Seen as a competitor to the BMW 3 Series, the question then becomes, what is the entry price for the vehicle. Depending on your requirements, its on the road list price ranges from £22,190 to £37,290. However, if you utilise car finance you can pick up a brand new version of the Audi A4 for just £309 a month on contract hire leasing deal if you are a business (and use it solely for business) or £376 per month for a retail shopper if they take it on a car leasing contract known as personal contract hire.
At Leipzig or Ingolstadt, Audi A4, was chosen as the most popular car. For the ninth time, more than 100 weekly newspapers in the former East Germany had invited readers to vote for "Our car". For a choice, at voting, have been registered 56 car models, launched during the last couples of years. There were received over 100,000 opinions, pointing at the Audi A4 as being the first choice at the poll.

Audi A4 enjoys numerous awards - including the "Golden Steering Wheel" awarded by the newspaper "Bild am Sonntag", the trophy "Auto 1" from "AutoBild" being named the best new car in Europe. Audi A4 follows a story of success by receiving the name of "Our Car". It is the fourth time when the brand with four rings wins at the readers' poll. In 2001, the old generation Audi A4 took first place position, in the 2005 Audi A6, and last year, the Audi TT. The award was given during the AMI in Leipzig. At the event of "Our Car" awarding in 2008, two other Audi models were ranked in the top ten as most popular car in German.

he latest Kia Rio Reviews, pictures as well as specs

The Rio and the RioS both have a wheelbase that is 98.4-inch in length. These two models have the same height and width. The sedan model is slightly longer than these two models by a mere 10 inches.

Bluetooth connectivity is also available as an optional feature in the LX value package. In the 2010 Rio, all models had a standard manual transmission. In the 2011 Rio, manual transmission is only offered in the base model.

The exterior of the 2011 Rio looks great but it does not have the expensive design touches which are expected for a car that sells at such an inexpensive price. The new Rio has standard 14-inch wheels.

Standard features for the interior of the Rio are air conditioning, dual power sockets and audio system with four speakers. It also has power door locks and adjustable armrests for the rear seats. The sedan models also have an optional 60/40 split foldable rear seat.

Safety features include dual airbags for the front seats, side airbags, side curtain airbags and drum brakes. The base model has a fuel economy of 28 mpg for city and 34 mpg for highway.
Moving on to the fuel economy, the 2010 Kia Rio will follow the standards set by its predecessors and is expected to achieve a great mileage in excess of 25mpg. Even the safety features including ABS, traction control, optional heated front seats, front and side curtain airbags and much more will be made available in the new Rio.

Therefore, unless you're hell bent on buying the new Honda Civic, Accord, or Hyundai Sonata, the new Rio may just be the ideal package for you; that too at an extremely affordable price.

You may also want to know more about the 2010 Kia Rio and check out the latest Kia Rio Reviews, pictures as well as specs

Detail Review 2010 The Kia Rio

The Rio is the smallest vehicle made by Kia and it is also their most affordable. It comes in two body styles: a sedan or a hatchback. The available trim levels are base, LX and SX. The hatchback body style is available in LX and SSX trims only. All the models of the Rio have a 1.6-liter engine with 110-horsepower and five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic transmission.

Compared to the 2010 model the 2011 Rio received a minor upgrade. The latest models now have bumpers and side moldings with the same color as that of the body. It also has new black bezels for the headlamps. The exhaust tip also has a new design and the side mirrors now have built-in turn signals. The interior of the 2011 Rio also has a new EcoMinder light. Another new addition to the new 2011 Kia Rio is the cruise control feature. The grilles of the Kia have been modified to match the look of the other vehicles of Kia.

The Rio and the RioS both have a wheelbase that is 98.4-inch in length. These two models have the same height and width. The sedan model is slightly longer than these two models by a mere 10 inches.
While some people like to opt for the genuine manufacturers for the car accessories and the parts required for the Kia car models, there are others who also contact and sift through the offerings of the authentic dealers as well. The dealers of the Kia car accessories have their offices and the retails in the various cities of the world for the ease of the car owners. The buyers of the K. Rio accessories can also opt to procure the accessories or the car parts they are looking for, through the World Wide Web and have their order delivered at the specified addresses.

This is very beneficial for the people who live in the areas where the retails or the workshops have a selected range of the auto parts or the accessories. However, when buying the Kia Rio car accessories from the World Wide Web, one has to be very thorough in the dimensions of the part required, the year of manufacture, the serial number of the part and various other related aspects. This will allow the seekers of the Ki. Rio car accessories in finding the exact car part, which will fit their cars and help them enjoy the benefits of the same.

New Concept Car: Chevrolet Miray

Chevrolet is celebrating its centenary with this striking new all-wheel drive hybrid sports car concept at the Seoul motor show.

The Chevrolet Miray, unveiled by General Motors Korea, is an open-top sports car with heavily sculpted carbonfibre bodywork inspired by some of Chevy’s classic models including 1963’s Monza SS and the Corvair Super Spyder from the previous year.

GM is heavily involved in South Korea and is the third largest manufacturer in the country. It has design, engineering and manufacturing operations in the country and this two-seat concept is a product of these facilities.

The hybrid system consists of mid-mounted 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine mated to a dual-clutch ’box powering the rear wheels and twin 20bhp electric motors with a 1.6kWh lithium-ion battery pack powering the front wheels.

The electric motors are capable of powering the Miray, meaning ‘future’ in Korean, alone, although range or performance figures haven’t been confirmed.

Thanks to: Autocar